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We stand for harassment-free esports

By 15/06/2017Esports Australia
  • The Australian Esports Association is dedicated to fostering inclusive, harassment-free gaming and has zero tolerance for all forms of bullying, discriminating, and threatening behaviour.
  • Recent events highlight the continuing need for a safe, fair and inclusive environment in esports and gaming at large.
  • The Australian Esports Association is on track to release a draft Code of Conduct which will be open for review by the wider community ahead of the National Trials for the 2017 IeSF World Championships.

Recently a member of the Australian esports and gaming community has been targeted and subjected to an invasion of privacy, black mail, defamation, harassment and bullying. The unlawful harassment of this individual and the public vilification that took place on social media is unwelcomed in esports. The Australian Esports Association reminds the community at this time of the rights of equality, values of integrity and respect which are basic statutory and societal entitlements (including for all participants within the esports community) regardless of the individuals age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion.

The Australian Esports Association does not condone or tolerate behaviour that is discriminatory, abusive, bullying, an invasion of privacy, and/or that adversely impact on esports participants. Such behaviours are harmful to the individual (and their families), and to the integrity of esports. The gaming and esports community must work together to ensure a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all. The Australian Esports Association is preparing a Code of Conduct, backed by a clear framework of governance and policies that all individuals and organisations in Australian esports can adhere to.

It is a right of all individuals in our community to feel safe in their interactions with one another and the public.

It is the responsibility of all individuals and organisations to contribute in building and maintain a safe environment in esports for all to enjoy.

We recognise the need for a code of conduct, which provides best practice guidelines to turn to for support, policy, advice and, as required.

The Australian Esports Association joins with AK Racing Australia, Team Immunity and the wider community in standing against all forms of online harassment and for growing awareness of the issue through the hashtag #saynotocyberabuse.

As a commitment to our goals, the Australian Esports Association will be releasing its draft Code of Conduct for review by the wider community ahead of the National Trials for the 2017 IeSF World Championships. To support the development of the code we will be holding a public consultation process and seeking feedback from the community.

The Australian Esports Association was established four years ago in 2013 with the mission of supporting and driving the development of a sustainable and thriving esports industry in Australia. At the core of our values are the practice of good governance, integrity, fair play, and social responsibility among its members and industry. Our board of directors consists of members from both within and outside of esports and seek to develop best practice in every aspect of what we do.

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