Australian Esports Association


Supporting esports in Australia

Leading a collaborative industry wide movement for the promotion and recognition of esports in Australia through:


Acting in support for and recommendation of esports policy within political, economic and social institutions.


Developing the rules, relationships, policies, systems and processes to ensure accountability and transparency for esports.


Raising public awareness and increasing membership through athlete outreach to improve respect and recognition.


Acting and speaking on behalf of members, in the best interest of athletes and clubs, both domestically and internationally.

The Code

Code of conduct to ensure integrity, safety and fair play in esports through a Member’s Protection Policy, Anti-Doping Policy and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Athlete’s Committee

Equal representation body to develop, protect, voice and work in the best interest of athlete’s rights, interests and welfare in esports.


Investment in the study of the economics, sports science, health and well being, culture, growth and development of esports.

International Accreditation

Representing Australia’s interests at the International esports Federation, executive committees and traditional sporting authorities.

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