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Australian Esports Association


Promoting esports in Australia

Our Partners

An independent and non-profit community seeking the promotion and advancement of esports in Australia.


Acting in support for and promotion of the esports industry with a focus on player and community within political, economic and social institutions.


Promoting policies, systems and practices to enable a safe, fair and inclusive Australian esports ecosystem.


Raising public awareness and increasing participation through outreach and public communication.


Acting and speaking on behalf of members, in the best interest of key stakeholders, both domestically and internationally.

The Code

Code of conduct to ensure integrity, safety and fair play in esports through adoption of industry best practice system.


Representative bodies bringing industry stakeholders together to collaboratively represent the interests and welfare of Australian esports.


Investment in the study of the economics, sports science, health and well being, culture, growth and development of esports.

International Accreditation

Representing Australia’s interests in global conversations including at the International Esports Federation and the Global Esports Federation.

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The Australian Esports Association welcomes everyone to contact us.

Your input is valuable in helping to shape the future of the Australian esports industry.

Whether you are a player, fan or anyone else, we’d like to hear from you.

We want to know what you’d like to see from us and what can be done to grow esports in Australia.