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The Code for all

Members of the Australian

esports comunity.

About the Code

It is important that as members of the Australian esports community we recognise the important role esports is playing for many people. It is a platform for diversity, sportsmanship, inclusiveness and enjoyment having a positive social impact upon the broader community.

The public, community, players and all those reached by the Australian esports industry rightly expect a fair, safe and inclusive esports environment that holds itself to the highest of standards.

The AESA Code of Conduct (the Code) provides all members of the Australian esports community with framework that supports industry best practice, ethical behaviour and a positive esports environment in Australia.

In forming the Code, the AESA has had regard to policies and guidelines of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU), International Fair Play Committee (CIFP), International Esports Federation (IESF), the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) and those of the Fair Play Alliance (FPA).

Current revision

The current revision of the Code of Conduct is 1.00 published 19 May 2019.
Click the PDF icon below to read the latest revision.

Have your say

We are seeking feedback on the latest draft of the AESA Code of Conduct.

The Code is open for public comment and review. All submissions will be reviewed by the executive committee and approved revisions will be published in the latest version. To make a submission, email the AESA at with the email subject: AESA Code of Conduct Submission.

Submissions close 30 June 2019.

Want to adopt the AESA Code of Conduct?

Right now the latest version is in draft only while we seek feedback.

The AESA encourages all participants in Australia’s esports community to adopt, advocate and adhere to the Code. This includes sharing in the AESA’s belief in good governance, social responsibility, fair-play, integrity and inclusiveness for all people regardless of gender, ability, race, religion, sexuality or age.

While the Code can’t formally be adopted at this time, you can still choose to adhere by the Code and the standards that it sets for the Australian esports community.

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