Working together

to voice the rights and interests

of the esports community.

The AESA is committed to working with the gaming and esports community to ensure a safe, fair and inclusive esports environment for all.

The Australian esports community continues to grow in player and audience participation, and has become an important part of life for many Australians. The AESA greatly values the essence of esports and the positive impact is has on both the participants and community in general. There is an increasing need to improve the governance, sustainability, inclusiveness, safe environment and fair play for all in the Australian esports industry.

In combination with our policies the AESA supports committees that provide an independent, not-for profit forum for the fair and equal representation of key stakeholders in the Australian esports community. Encouraging a collaborative environment for the Australian esports community to work together, represent their interests and voice their rights to foster a sustainable, well governed esports environment for all.

The committees provide specialist skills and knowledge to the AESA enhancing our capability to benefit the Australian esports community. Each committee elects its members and a chair person annually.

Athlete’s Committee

The Athletes Committee is an initiative to provide a representative body and voice for athletes, whom are a crucial component of esports.

It is vital that athletes are empowered in helping to shape the future of esports policy in Australia.

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