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IESF 2018 National Trials
Tekken 7 Rule Set

Last Updated: 18/6/2018


PS4, Tekken 7

Player Information

Users are required to forward accurate personal details when registering for the tournament. All personal information a user provides to the Australian Esports League must be accurate. Any information collected will be handled pursuant to our Privacy Policy.


Players wishing to enter this tournament must have read, adhere to and be aware of the Terms and Conditions of Entry.

Players must be aware, and agree, that they are prepared to fly to Sydney for the 26th of July 2018 to attend the live grand final event. The flights and the accommodation provided will be arranged to the best availability that is suitable to the players needs and to the grand final event’s schedule.

Player Eligibility

Players must be able to attend the National Qualifiers held in Sydney on Thursday, 26th July 2018.

Players must be an Australian citizen currently resides in Australia and is aged 15 years of age or over at the beginning of the competition. If a player aged 15 – 17 qualifies, they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian to Kaohsiung, Taiwan for the duration of the event.

Players must qualify through their own state in which they live to qualify. ie. a player who resides in Queensland can not qualify by playing in New South Wales.

For players residing in South Australia, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory or the Northern Territory they may attend one, and only one of the four available qualifiers.


Users are required to uphold, observe and respect a reasonable level of sportsmanship. This level of sportsmanship is expected to be conducted prior to, during and after matches and during their general participation in our tournaments. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, interactions with other players and general abuse or non-compliance towards administrators, casters or spectators.

Player Details

Player names containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, drug use, silly or too big in size. Refusing to change a team name or repeat use of an inappropriate name will result in punishment.

Competition Settings

Tournament Mode: Enabled

Random Stage Selection: Enabled

Character Limitation/Bans: Off

Players are required to change stage after each game through random selection. Only the losing player is permitted to make a character change and can only be done so between games.

Competition Format

NOTE: The competition format may be adjusted at the admin’s discretion based on the number of players that enter the competition.

Preliminary Qualifier


There will be four preliminary qualifiers held across Australia.

  • NSW Qualifier
  • VIC Qualifier
  • QLD Qualifier
  • WA Qualifier
  • Residents of SA, TAS, ACT or NT may attend one, and only one of either of the above qualifiers.


Players will play in a best of three (BO3) double elimination bracket till the top 3 players are reached. From here a best of five (BO5) format will be used for the Upper Bracket Final, the Lower Bracket Final and the Grand Final.


Grand Finals

The top player from each preliminary will be randomly seeded into a best of five (BO5) double elimination bracket.


Tiebreakers that may occur during the group stage will be reshuffled into their own group.


No Show = -1 Point and match loss

Abort Match = -1 Point and match loss

Unregistered Player = -1 Point and match loss

Ringer = -1 Point and match loss

Playing with wrong game account = 1st warning, then -1 Point and match loss

Unsportsmanlike behaviour = 1st warning then -1 Point

Discriminatory behaviour = 1st warning then -1 Point

Cheating = Disqualification, appeals to tribunal

Match Fixing = Disqualification, appeals to tribunal

Tournament officials reserve the right to issue penalties.

Match Start Time

Users must be present and accounted for within fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. There will be a grace period of five minutes after the match starting time. Any further time will be granted solely at the discretion of an administrator. As such, it is recommended that you are ready to play at least fifteen minutes prior to your match time.


Pauses are not permitted while a game has begun, and play must continue.


If required a game may need to be restarted, matches can only be restarted if the opposing player agrees. Matches may also be restarted at the request of administrators.

Player Equipment

Player controller connections are solely the responsibility of the individual. Should an issue arise regarding connection problems it is at the discretion of the opponent/tournament organiser if a restart is to happen. If a restart did not happen a round will be forfeited.

Match Results

It is required that each player reports all match results after the match has been completed regardless of winning or losing. It is highly advised to take a screenshot/photo of the end results if a dispute occurs. Deliberately not confirming or submitting the wrong results may result in a loss.


Cheating will not be tolerated in any form. This includes but is not limited to; bugs, cheats, scripts, hacks and macros. The offender will forfeit all matches for the current tournament.