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Esports In The High School Setting
Research Study

    Background on the study:

    The South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly and the Australian Esports Association (AESA) are collaborating with RMIT University to undertake research into the impact of esports in our schools.

    Esports, as distinct from recreational gaming, refers to gaming practices that have the characteristics of organised competition, regular training, rules and regulation, record-keeping, and individual or team skill development coaching.

    Currently, little research has been conducted on esports in Australia, a region of rapid institutional expansion across commercial and public networked competitive gaming scenes. This study explores how parents, teachers, and educational faculty members experience and understand esports within the secondary school setting. The study aims to provide specificity around this sector of esports within secondary educational institutions, and hear from those involved about their everyday experiences and observations on the current state and practices of esports in high school settings.

    How to complete the survey.

    • The survey is available on the next tab and will only take about 10 minutes to complete.
    • Participants must be 18 or over to participate in this study.
    • Responses from the survey will be collected by RMIT University and treated as confidential.
    • Study closes 31 March 2019.

    More information.

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