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The Athlete’s Committee is an initiative to provide a representative body and voice for athletes, whom are a crucial component of esports. It is an important step forward in the development of esports in Australia.

This committee will work with the AESA and other stakeholders to improve the governance, sustainability, inclusiveness, safe environment and fair play for all in the esports industry.

It is clear that athletes participating in esports face a number of challenges including the protection of rights, support networks, and receiving due recognition and respect from the broader community for their achievements. The committee will work with athletes to face these challenges in addition to a set of core goals that will further the development of esports in Australia.

Committee Activities

  • Forum for dialogue about athlete’s rights and needs;
  • Support player inclusiveness and diversity;
  • Outreach to athletes, promoting participation;
  • Platform for recognition of achievements and behaviour;
  • Encourage role models and adherence to code of conduct;
  • Review governance and policy;
  • Recommendations to the AESA board and other key stakeholders
Esports Athlete 


“A person who is proficient in video games, a player, participant or competitor in an esports event, league or production.”

Committee structure

The committee comprises of seven members elected annually. Each member is responsible for attending committee meetings to discuss the ongoing development of esports, athlete rights and welfare, national team selection, national team uniform, recognition and awards for role model players, and any other applicable matters.

The members must have been an active player for more than 1 year and of good repute, in good standing with the AESA.

The Athlete’s committee for 2018 begins with Eileen Bell as the Chairperson and Gabe Najarro the 2017 Team Australia captain.

The following Committee Members where elected by public nomination and vote:

  • Rame Jebee receiving 69 votes;
  • Beau Oldham receiving 69 votes; and,
  • Aiden Hiko receiving 62 votes!

To learn more about the Athlete’s Committee click below:

About Committee

Athlete’s Committee Statutes

The current Athlete’s Committee Statutes document is Version 1.00 published February 26th 2018.

Click the pdf icon below to read the latest revision.

Committee Meetings

No Previous Meetings

Current Members

Eileen Bell

Stephanie You
Committee Member

Gabe Najarro
Committee Member

Committee Member

Rame Jeboo
Committee Member

Beau Oldham
Committee Member

Aiden Hiko
Committee Member

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