Working with athletes

Their rights and needs

Their voice

The Athletes Committee is an initiative to provide a representative body and voice for athletes, whom are a crucial component of esports. It is an important step forward in the development of esports in Australia.

This committee will work with the AESA and other stakeholders to improve the governance, sustainability, inclusiveness, safe environment and fair play for all in the esports industry.

It is clear that athletes participating in esports face a number of challenges including the protection of rights, support networks, and receiving due recognition and respect from the broader community for their achievements. The committee will work with athletes to face these challenges in addition to a set of core goals that will further the development of esports in Australia.



“A person who is proficient in esports, a player, participant or competitor in an esports event, league or production.”


To maintain fair and equal representation, to work together with the broad athlete body and implement the necessary procedures to voice their rights, interests and welfare.

Core Goals

  • Create a forum for dialogue between athletes;
  • Platform for unity among athletes, and a representative voice;
  • Form the framework of athlete’s rights and needs;
  • Provide recommendations to the AESA, government and other key stakeholders;
  • Examine and recommend amendments to governance framework;
  • Athlete outreach and membership growth;
  • Formal channel of communication and support networks;
  • Recognition and respect for the achievements and behaviour of athletes, encouraging role models.

The 2017 Athlete’s Committee

Nominations for the 2017 Athlete’s Committee will open soon!

For the first Athlete’s Committee the best candidates will be selected by the AESA board with the remaining seats put forward for public vote.

The Athletes Committee will enable iterative improvement of policies and their implementation, providing athletes with a strong platform to voice their concerns, rights and needs.

Previous Athlete’s Committees

Nil. The 2017 Athlete’s Committee will be the first!

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