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The Tekken 7 national trials qualifier for the 10th Esports World Championship, hosted by the International Esports Federation.

Prepare for combat, this year the winners will earn the highest national honour in esports and join Team Australia to play against 40 other nations in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at the 10th ESPORT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP from the 6th – 13th November 2018.


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The competition will take place in 2 stages; the Preliminaries and a National Representative Qualifier.


The preliminaries are broken up into 4 states:

Players will play in a best of three (BO3) double elimination bracket till the top 3 players are reached. From here a best of five (BO5) format will be used for the Upper Bracket Final, the Lower Bracket Final and the Grand Final.

National Representative Qualifier:

The winners of the preliminaries will be randomly seeded into a best of five (BO5) double elimination bracket, with the winner going to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to represent Australia at the 10th Esports World Championship!
The National Representative Qualifier will take place on the 26th of July 2018 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

Prizes & Opportunities

The winner of the National Qualifiers will receive the honour of representing Australia on the international level as well as the following:

  • National Team Uniform
  • Flights to Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Meals

All paid for by the AESA.

2017 Representatives

Last year we sent Gabriel ‘XXMFFNTP’ Najarro to Busan, South Korea to represent Australia at the 2017 IESF World Championship against 39 other countries where Gabe placed 22nd

Gabriel ‘XXMFFNTP’ Najarro on left

Australian Esports League

The 2018 IeSF Tekken 7 National Qualifier is brought to you by the Australian Esports League.
The AEL is a provider of premier esports competitions in Australia, attracting competitors from across the nation. Established in 2013 the vision is to provide the most entertaining, most engaging and most respected esports experience.

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